Mining project spurs reform

MAYFIELD- Town officials are still working on developing a policy to allow for special use permits.

Special use permits would enable landowners to use property in ways not specifically allowed by Mayfield’s zoning laws.

Town Board Member Vincent Coletti said the board is still in the process of establishing a law for special-use permits.

During February’s meeting, town Code Enforcer Michael Stewart told the board Bradley Reed, who owns vacant land on Route 30, wants to dig gravel and sand out of a 30-acre property. Since the town does not have any rules for mining, a special-use permit would be needed to allow Reed to dig the gravel.

Coletti said the board is still working with Stewart on how best to handle a special use permit law. Previously, Stewart had brought examples of other special permit laws from other New York state towns.

Under the town’s zoning law, Reed is prohibited from mining because the property is in an agricultural zone.

Waiting for the Zoning Commission to alter the town’s zoning to allow Reed’s mining project could take up to a year.

A special-use permit could allow someone to mine in the town, if they provided the proper documents to the town Planning Board.

Coletti said the board wished to take its time to prepare the policy.

Town Attorney Carmel Greco would write the special use permit law. If the board approves it, there would still need to be a public hearing before final adoption of the law.

Coletti said he believes the board may discuss the issue at its May 15 meeting.

A special use permit would give the town’s approval for a project, Stewart said in Feburary, but a mining project would still require other approvals, including from the state Department of Environmental Conservation.