Developer pitches plan for old camp

BLEECKER – Town officials and residents said Wednesday they are curious and optimistic about a proposed land development that could lead to more than 20 lots for homes at the former Woodworth Lake Boy Scout Camp.

During the Town Board meeting Wednesday, residents of the town and board members heard from Alan Lord, project manager with New York Land and Lakes Development, a Delaware County-based development firm, who is seeking to purchase and then subdivide more than 1,000 acres of land.

According to Lord, the development would include 26 lots, ranging from four acres to nearly 100 acres.

Lord said the plan has been looked at by the Department of Environmental Conservation and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The agencies concluded the plan would not negatively effect the area, he said.

Lord said roads to the new lots would be cared for by a Property Owner’s Association. The POA would have authority over all the roads and both Woodworth Lake and Hinds Pond. All properties built on the lots would still need the code enforcer’s approval.

Supervisor David Howard said the presentation by Lord showed him this project could be positive for the town.

“I just wanted to see what the planning stage looked like,” Howard said. “…But if you look at the depth of the plan, they have done it very well, and as much as I am sad to see the camp go, the reality of the situation is they were going to sell it anyway.”

Lord said the company is under contract to buy the former Scout camp from the Twin Rivers Council, with the stipulation they will be allowed to subdivide the land, which still requires Adirondack Park Agency approval. Lord said he hopes to have APA approval within 30 days.

The terms of the deal also mean the land cannot be subdivided further than what is proposed, he said.

The camp was put up for sale last May with an asking price of $1.25 million.

George Becker, a member of the Town Board, said from a fiscal perspective, he supports the plan.

“Anything that adds value to our town, I’m for,” Becker said.

Erica Smith and JoAnn Furlong, both Bleecker residents who live near Woodworth Lake, said they are still curious about the project, but are more at ease than when they first heard about it.

“That is why we came. We were concerned,” Furlong said.

Smith said the presentation answered many of her questions.

“I’m kind of still nervous, but I’m still curious on how this will affect us,” Smith said.