City weighs Internet, phone upgrade

GLOVERSVILLE – City government can greatly upgrade its phone and Internet services, cutting bills by 70 percent, a Time Warner Business Class representative told the Common Council on Tuesday night at City Hall.

Stephen Levandusky, a Time-Warner account manager, offered his firm as assistance to the city for technological upgrades.

City police Detective Capt. Anthony Clay introduced Levandusky, noting the city in the first quarter of 2012 decided to select Frontier Communications on a monthly basis as its Internet provider. But Clay said the city contacted Time Warner, which indicated it could modernize the city’s phone system.

Clay said Time Warner indicated it would absorb all construction costs for fiberoptics for city buildings.

“It’s a business class connection that’s dedicated pretty much just to the city,” the officer said.

Clay said that part of Time Warner’s proposal is providing a fiberoptic connection downtown for economic development purposes.

“Currently, each [city government] building operates as its own entity,” Levandusky said.

He said those buildings – City Hall, transit building, police and Department of Public Works – all have separate phone lines that the city is paying too much for. He said Time Warner can centralize all the city’s phone and internet services at City Hall and cut the city’s phone bill by about 70 percent.

Levandusky said his firm can provide a “four-hour repair window” for fiberoptics. He said underground fiber can be installed and Time Warner can use the city’s existing conduit.

“It just seems like a great direction to head in,” said 1st Ward Councilwoman Robin Wentworth.

The council took no action, still weighing proposals.

Sixth Ward Councilman Wrandy Siarkowski thanked 4th Ward Councilwoman Ellen Anadio, for “all the time you’ve invested” in helping the city gain more information on possible tech upgrades.