Police warn residents of telephone scam

GLOVERSVILLE – The city Police Department is warning residents about a telephone scam.

Police said Thursday officers began investigating a report of possible fraud Thursday, after a person received a phone call from an unknown man claiming to be from National Grid. The caller told the person the power would be shut off within 45 minutes if the person did not pay an outstanding balance, police said.

When the person became suspicious, police said, the man hung up.

According to police, National Grid said this is a phone scam. The caller tells the victims the power will be shut off if they do not pay the outstanding balance, then asks the victims for bank or credit card information to make the payment, according to a news release.

Police advise anyone who receives a call of this nature to report it to National Grid, and record any phone numbers or information regarding the call to help law enforcement.

Police also remind people to never release any credit card or other financial or personal information over the phone to any unconfirmed callers.

Anyone with information regarding the case can call the police at 773-4506, 773-4505 or 736-2100.