Gloversville fills positions without controversy

GLOVERSVILLE – Mayor Dayton King made various appointments to volunteer boards without controversy and little comment involving the Common Council, at least publicly, Tuesday at City Hall.

King made his appointments immediately following a closed-door, executive session with the council called by 6th Ward Councilman Wrandy Siarkowski for an “employment history” reason.

“I think the Common Council and I are trying to communicate more,” King said today.

He said the city Zoning Board “obviously” needed more people and there is now still one position open.

First Ward Councilwoman Robin Wentworth said today, “I think some of us on the council are trying to work in a way that’s best for the city and put some of these things aside.”

King has been involved in controversy with the council about the appointment of certain board members.

The mayor made these appointments, approved by the council: Frederick Bochenek and Jason Thompson to the city Zoning Board of Appeals; Carmen Gisondi to the city Housing Authority Board; and David Strausser as an alternate to the city Planning Board.

King said of Bochenek, “I did speak with him. He seems like a very nice man.”

Wentworth said that “hopefully” Bochenek and Thompson will get their training and serve as productive members of the zoning board.

The mayor had planned to appoint Jonathan Smead as an alternate to the Historic Review Board, but said he spoke to 4th Ward Councilwoman Ellen Anadio, who indicated there is no such position.

King also asked the council if there was any interest for anyone to serve on the city Transit Commission.

Wentworth said she knew of two possible candidates.

Earlier this year, the mayor decided against reappointing zoning board chairwoman Karen Smith, who has been a volunteer on the board for years.

The appointments to the board are made by the mayor, but they need to be approved by the council.

Siarkowski previously said he would not consider voting in favor of another person for the board until Smith was reappointed. Siarkowski, who couldn’t be reached this morning for comment, was supported by other members of the council at that time.

The zoning board had been working with three vacancies. The board currently had only three members, just enough for a quorum.

The three sitting members were unable to have an official meeting recently because they could not establish a quorum because of a member’s absence.

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