Perth board catches update on repairs to ball fields

PERTH – Members of the Broadalbin-Perth Youth Commission recently announced repairs would be made to two baseball and softball fields behind the town Municipal Building.

During Thursday’s Town Board meeting, Dave Trombley of the Broadalbin Youth Commission appeared before members of the board to discuss repairs to fields behind the town Municipal Building.

Trombley, who coaches softball, said the group wants to repair the fields for this year’s softball and baseball games.

“We got a lot of people signed up this year,” Trombley said.

Trombley said he would like to see what the group can do to improve the fields, such as cutting away grass from the basepaths and putting fabric down to prevent grass from growing on the basepaths.

“We do the fields every year, and they grow back up,” Trombley said.

Rather than just doing the basepaths, Trombley asked if it would be possible for the volunteers to do more.

Jim Terwilliger, little league president for Broadalbin-Perth Little League, said any modifications to the field will not make them exclusive to little league or softball.

Terwilliger said one of town’s fields, Graves Field, is old and grown in, requiring a massive repair for a 50-70 league, which is 50 feet to the pitching mound and 70 feet to the bases.

“It allows the kids to transition for that jump to modified level,” he said.

However, Terwilliger said the repairs to Graves Field would not happen this year due to a lack of sign ups. On average, the group needs 12 children per team, but only five children signed up.

Terwilliger said McCoski Field could be repaired this year.

Trombley said he was working on funding sources for any repairs.