Sand purchase will be delayed

PERTH – After a tough winter, town officials may be waiting until December to purchase sand for town roads.

At Thursday night’s Town Board meeting, town Highway Superintendent David Dopp said the town was looking at prices for sand and sources for sand.

Supervisor Gregory Fagan suggested Dopp hold off on purchasing more sand, perhaps until December or February 2015. Fagan said with the tight budget this year, he would like to wait.

“We already got the additional expense we are going to pay,” Fagan said.

Dopp said the department was running low, but he understood where Fagan was coming from.

“We emptied that barn at least three times,” Dopp said.

A resolution passed Thursday adds $25,000 for snow removal for the highway budget.

“If it comes December and it looks like we need another 1,000 yard [of sand], we’ll haul it in,” Fagan said.

Repairs are needed on the town’s salt storage shed, according to Dopp.

In his report, Dopp said the wood on one side of the salt barn has begun to rot, requiring it to be replaced, along with cement support blocks, that would act as a retaining wall.

According to Dopp, highway department employees will replace the rotted sections of wood for new pressure treated wood, along with replacing the blocks for the retaining wall.

“It is just wood and blocks,” Dopp said.

Much of the damage caused has been from the age of the building, dating back to the 1970’s.

Two resolutions were passed, budgeting $2,100 for the retaining walls on the outside of the salt barn, and $1,500 for the wood.

Officials have accepted bids to pave roughly three miles of Midline Road this summer. Dopp will review the bids to make sure each proposal has what they are asking for, and then he will recommend what company the town goes with. According to Dopp, Midline road would be repaved and made level. Much of the road has been damaged by truck traffic from construction detours as well as the weather.

Dopp said the Midline Road repairs are expected to be around $140,000. The road repair budget is estimated at $150,000. Any remaining funds will go to additional work.