Councilwoman helping

“There are none so blind as those who will not see. The most deluded people are those who choose to ignore what they already know” ~ Jonathan Swift, 1713

That is what I think of when I read letters like the one submitted by Sharon Diefendorf.

You claim Robin Wentworth’s actions are personal. I guess if you mean they are personal because she cares about the city of Gloversville and its taxpayers, then you would be correct. Was it personal when the mayor returned $500,000 of state aid this city needed? Was it personal when the Common Council warned the mayor that he could not hire former Department of Public Works Director Heath Hardman because he was not qualified for the job? You probably do not know this but when Mayor Dayton King hired Hardman anyway, the state removed him, and he sued the city of Gloversville. When I say “the city of Gloversville,” I mean the taxpayers.

I understand why you are not aware of these happenings as you do not attend the council meetings. If you did, you would be more acquainted with the mayor’s transgressions and how they effect the taxpayers of Gloversville. Robin Wentworth donates a plethora of her personal time to Gloversville. I do not see Mr. Robinson doing any of these things or protecting you, yet you have the audacity to write The Leader-Herald and insult Robin Wentworth with baseless accusations. Robin Wentworth is trying to protect you, not just from the mayor’s continued blunders, but from yourselves.

It is just devastating to see good people erroneously slandered when they are the only protection the taxpayers really have from the villainy Mayor King continues to perpetrate upon them. I sincerely hope more people of this city will begin to attend the Common Council meetings. Please educate yourselves with the true nature of Mayor King and stop elongating lies and gossip about the good citizens of Gloversville.