Quilting a Trail

GLOVERSVILLE – The Fulton Montgomery Regional Chamber of Commerce’s office in the city was packed with spectators Friday afternoon as the chamber held the opening reception for a quilt barn trail it is trying to develop.

Officials are seeking to develop the trail to promote tourism in the two counties and support local arts.

A barn quilt is not the same as a homemade quilt made of fabric.

Liz Argotsinger, a Mayfield-based artist and a member of the committee for the quilt barn trail, said barn quilts are wooden squares with designs on them that are original or based on traditional patterns.

Many of the quilts presented Friday were made by local artists, including Argotsinger. A barn quilt can be any size, with some of the larger ones measuring 4 feet by 4 feet.

Argotsinger said she placed one on her home in Mayfield and people were quickly interested in it.

“People started saying ‘what is that? I want to be a part of that,'” Argotsinger said.

The Fulton Montgomery Quilt Barn Trail, once complete, will visually connect the landscape with unique quilt barn squares throughout Fulton and Montgomery Counties, according to information from the chamber.

Argotsinger said once enough displays are ready, they will work on finalizing the trail.

Kathy Zajicek, a member of the committee for the barn trail, said Friday’s kickoff event was to establish interest in the trail and gain support.

The nearest county with a quilt barn trail is Schoharie, which has 46 stops spread out between businesses and private residences. Argotsinger said she hopes she could make the Fulton-Montgomery trail along a similar line.

“I drove through there and I saw their quilt trail, and I’ve wanted to do this for several years,” Argotsinger said.

Betsy Lamberton, who co-operates the Dairy Frost in Perth, was interested in having a barn quilt placed on a side of her business.

“I’ve been looking at quilting patterns with ice cream cones on them,” Lamberton said. “And Liz I know has some ideas.”

Kathy Henze, a Gloversville resident, said she has not made a barn quilt yet, but was seeking to purchase one from Argotsinger.

“What she does just amazes me,” Henze said.

Henze said she had been admiring the artwork, and has been following the style of work on Facebook. Kingsboro Lumber, Henze’s employer, will soon be having a barn quilt brought in, as well.

“We are working on the design right now,” Henze said. “I just think it is such a new and different thing. I think it will be very positive for the area.”

The exhibit will be open to the public for the remainder of April during regular chamber hours from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. There will be a closing reception in early May. For more information, visit www.fmquiltbarntrail.com or contact Liz Argotsinger at 774-8717 or by email at argotsinger18@hotmail.com