Some working to disarm Americans

For the next few years, President Barack Obama, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, some members of Congress and some state legislators will continue to work toward their goal of a disarmed America.

Nothing is absolute and there is no best solution to our crime and terrorism problems, gun confiscation, registration, taxes on guns and ammo and a registration database on all of the above. They all feel “do something” and the “something” they will all settle on will be “universal background checks” – which is a solution that has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the attack at Arapahoe High, or the attack at the Washington Navy Yard, or the attack at Sandy Hook or the Sikh Temple attack or the Batman movie attack or the Virginia Tech attack or any other “active shooter” event one can recall.

In every one of those cases, the attackers either jumped through the hoops and passed the background check or stole the guns from someone else who had. And for those who say, “But if only guns and ammo weren’t so easy to get – remember, also, our ammo madness,” let me point out that even if it were possible to make guns and ammo magically vanish, that wouldn’t stop these demented cowards.

If rampagers actually couldn’t get their hands on guns and ammo, what do you think they would do, say or well, never mind, back to class? Or would they pour that obsessive focus and evil intellect into carefully planning and building pressure-cooker bombs, radiation and molotov cocktails?

The worst mass murder in our nation’s history did not involve guns.

Americans who believe in the 2nd Amendment are fighting a small enemy, but one with near total control over the mainstream media.

When asked, “Do you support gun control?” the correct answer is, “Sure, for violent felons, illegal aliens, and crazy people. Not for us law-abiding citizens, and not unless that law can be shown to actually work.”