Official should deal with city business

I am writing to respectfully ask Gloversville 1st Ward Councilwoman Robin Wentworth to please put her personal feelings for the mayor aside and start doing what she was elected to do: effectively deal with the business of the city.

In my opinion, she is failing miserably at that and her combativeness is harming our city.

Week after week, we hear on the radio and read in the newspaper about yet another conflict between her and Mayor Dayton King. It seems if he says “right,” she says “left” just to be contrary. This constant bickering is hindering any growth we might hope to see in our once-fair city, and it needs to stop – at once.

Ms. Wentworth, you have made it crystal clear to all that you don’t like the man. We get that; you’ve made your point. But he is still the mayor, duly elected by the citizens of this city and, whether you like him or not, he should be treated with a certain level of respect.

I implore you: Please put those feelings aside for the good of our city and get on with the business at hand. It is what you were elected to do and what you should be doing.