Student concerned about concert time

GLOVERSVILLE – A Gloversville High School student expressed concern Tuesday about the scheduling of a high school band concert.

Mary Walrath, a senior at Gloversville High School, spoke during the public-comment portion of the Gloversville Enlarged School District’s Board of Education meeting to talk about the time allotted for the Gloversville High School Band’s performance May 27.

The district is considering having a shared concert for the middle school and high school bands that night.

Walrath said she would be concerned if the high school band, which has five ensembles, only is given 75 minutes to perform because of the shared concert night.

“We already spent the last part of the year working on and preparing these pieces. It wouldn’t necessarily be the best time because we are going to end up having to cut a lot of these pieces,” Walrath said.

Superintendent Michael Vanyo said the plans for the concerts are preliminary.

He said if the concerts are on the same night but in separate buildings, parents would be unable to see both concerts.

“So that is why we looked at the possibility of moving them both over,” Vanyo said.

An administrators meeting, Vanyo said, would be held to go over the details.

“We are not going to cut out any of the time you would have to play,” Vanyo told the student.

“We are going to weigh all the different options,” he said.