St. Mary’s fined for hazardous waste

AMSTERDAM-St. Mary’s Healthcare has been fined by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation for throwing nicotine patches and related waste into the trash.

According to an order of consent from the DEC, an inspection of St. Mary’s Healthcare at 427 Guy Park Ave. revealed the hospital had not made a hazardous waste determination for lindane soap, nicotine patches that had been used, and packing material for nicotine and warfarin. St. Mary’s had been disposing of the waste in commercial trash.

A fine of $7,999 was issued to St. Mary’s. DEC will get $6,400 of the fine while the remaining $1,599 will be suspended, so long as St. Mary’s stays in compliance with DEC regulations.

St. Mary’s will also need to develop a plan to determine which of St. Mary’s pharmaceuticals are hazardous waste, how much hazardous waste is generated per month, and how the hospital plans to dispose of the waste.

A representative for St. Mary’s could not be reached for comment.