Village set for tax increase

NORTHVILLE- A preliminary village budget calling for a 12 cent increase to the village tax rate for Northville may be adopted during a public hearing in April.

According to the preliminary budget, the village is set to spend $1.43 million, a roughly $80,000 increase over 2013-14’s budget of $1.35 million.

Increases come from higher appropriations to the general fund and the water fund, Village Treasurer Nathaniel Matthews said. The general fund increased by about $71,000, while the water fund increased by about $13,000.

The 2013-14 tax levy of $454,000 is set to increase $7,000, 1.5 percent, to $461,000.

The tax levy increase would lead to a new tax rate of $7.87 per $1,000 of assessed value. That would be a 12 cent, or 1.5 percent increase, from the 2013-14 village tax rate of $7.75 per $1,000.

Northville Village Trustee and Mayor Elect John Spaeth said much of the increases came from inflation and increased costs to several areas of the budget.

“There was nothing that we changed that was a major change,” Spaeth said.

According to Spaeth, there have been minor increases to salaries for full-time employees of the village, including the village treasurer, Nathaniel Matthews. Matthews serves as both the village and town of Northampton treasurer.

Northville Mayor Debra Ellsworth said village officials do not expect the village to lose sales tax revenues due to Walmart moving from the town of Johnstown into Gloversville. While it was in the town the sales tax from Walmart was subject to the sales tax revenue sharing agreement between the towns and villages of Fulton County.

“We are not expecting a large effect from the Walmart change,” Ellsworth said.

Ellsworth said the details of the budget are not yet set in stone and could still be changed before final adoption.