Hardware store coming to Mayfield

MAYFIELD-A new hardware store may be coming into Mayfield sometime this year after approval from the town Planning Board, Mayfield Code Enforcer Mike Stewart said.

Stewart said the Mayfield Planning Board will be holding a public hearing on April 16 at 6 p.m. to discuss the site plan for a new hardware store at 2268 Route 30.

According to Robert Stone, the owner of the building, he will be opening Stoney’s Hardware and Variety sometime in the coming months.

Stone said the business will be privately owned by him. Originally, Stone said he looked at opening a franchise from Ace Hardware or another chain, but said it was prohibitively expensive.

“They want between a quarter of a million [dollars] and $300,000,” Stone said.

The store will take up 1,500 square feet. Stone said he hopes to install a propane refilling station at the store for campers. Boat and inner tube rentals are also a goal. Stone said his main hope for Stoney’s is to be a place for locals and vacationing families to stop for supplies.

Stone said he would also like to carry local goods such as furniture and wood carvings made by local artisans.

Stone decided to open the store in Mayfield because there was an opening in the market, which lacks a hardware store.

“I think there was one in the village a long time ago,” Stone said.

The nearest hardware stores are in Broadalbin, Northville and Gloversville.

After approval from the planning board and Adirondack Park Agency, Stone said he will need to finish repairs and modifications to the building prior to opening.

“I would really like [to be open in] three months, but it would probably be more like six,” Stone said.

Stone also said he would need to make the driveway to the store compliant with Department of Transportation regulations. He still needs to widen the driveway and add gravel.