IDA seeks bids for Tryon project

JOHNSTOWN – The head of the Fulton County Industrial Development Agency said this week he expects “a lot of interest” from bidders in the first construction phase of the Tryon Technology Park and Incubator Center redevelopment project.

The IDA is seeking bids until April 23 for the project, scheduled to be completed by October, IDA Executive Director James Mraz told his board Wednesday.

“It’s kind of an exciting time,” Mraz stated.

He said the hope is the construction marketplace for bidding for the Tryon project is “as competitive as possible” to get a low bid.

“We’re expecting a lot of interest,” Mraz said.

The Fulton County Board of Supervisors and the IDA have agreed to partner efforts to transform the former Tryon campus into a modern Tryon Technology Park and Incubator Center to bring in new companies. The IDA owns the site, which lies mostly in the town of Perth.

The county received a $2 million grant from Empire State Development to pay for the first phase. Mraz said the cost of that phase should stay within a $2 million projected budget.

“All the power has been shut off, so we’re going to re-energize the electrical system,” Mraz said.

Phase one, expected to last four months, will include: 2,500 feet of new road, 3,900 feet of new water line, 600 feet of new sanitary sewer line, repair of the electrical system at the site’s wastewater pump station on the north side of County Highway 107, repair of the wastewater pump station on the south side of County Highway 107, construction of a stormwater collection system for a new road; the energizing of the electrical system; charging of the water system; the unplugging of sewer lines; and the restarting of sewer pumps.

“The [phase one design] plans have been sent out to the regulatory agencies for their review and comments,” Mraz said.

He said those include Empire State Development, state Department of Environmental Conservation, state Department of Health and the Gloversville Water Board.

As part of the Tryon redevelopment, Mraz said the Fulton County Highway and Facilities Department will repave the existing internal access road in 2014.

Work will include widening the road at the intersection with County Highway 107 to create left and right turn lanes for vehicles exiting the site. County crews will also put new asphalt on existing roads.

Also, Mraz said the plan is to have four Tryon buildings demolished by the county Demolition Team in May.

Mraz said phase two of the project – for which additional grant funds will be sought – will occur later. That phase will include a new water booster station and elevated water tank, and the reconfiguring of water and sewer lines.

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