Both parties played part in growing debt

I recently read Patricia Bender’s letter to the editor and honestly had to wonder what alternate universe she is living in.

Simply put, the numbers she uses do not match the data and facts. Allow me to fix her errors. All dollar values are in trillions; percentages are the percent of increase:

– 1981-89 (Reagan), $0.9 – $2.8, 211 percent.

– 1989-93 (Bush Sr.), $2.8 – $4.4, 57 percent.

– 1993-2001 (Clinton), $4.4 – $5.8, 31 percent.

– 200109 (Bush W.), $5.8 – $11, 89 percent.

– 200913 (Obama), $11 – 16.7, 51 percent.

For the year 2009, then-President George W. Bush was president for four months and had a spending plan that would have resulted in another $500 billion in debt. The actual debt increased $1.9 trillion. To simplify the matter, I split that debt equally between President Barack Obama and Bush. I only did this with Bush and Obama, as Obama added roughly $1.4 trillion to the debt with his out-of-control spending.

Secondly, we must also recall that former President Bill Clinton used smoke and mirrors by robbing the Social Security fund to balance his budgets.

I honestly do not know where she got her numbers from, but as we can see from the data, she is correct – all 537 (president, vice president, 100 senators, 435 representatives) self-serving elitists are complicit in this downward spiral.

More frightening is not the actual number, but rather how the debt has gone from 31 percent of gross domestic product in 1981 to 99 percent of gross domestic product in 2013. Also consider this: in 1981, total spending was $678 billion; for 2015, it is projected at $3.9 trillion.

Our current path is unsustainable, regardless of who is at fault.

Hopefully, in 2016, we will get a real leader who will address this crisis before it is too late.

These people need to start spending within their means. The difference between the drunken sailor and the irresponsible class of clowns (Democratic Party and Grand Old Party inclusive) running this country is the drunken sailor stops spending money when he runs out.

Here is an idea: How about we stop playing this partisan blame game and instead figure out how to solve the problem? And yes, we do have a huge spending problem.