Global Village gets developer

JOHNSTOWN – Fulton-Montgomery Community College President Dustin Swanger recently announced the school will work with Cerone Development Company on the Global Village project.

Swanger said he spoke with five developers about the college town concept in an effort to figure out who the college would ultimately work with on the project.

“We shared with them the vision and that’s what really got them excited,” Swanger said. “What really stood out with Cerone was his passion for the entire project.”

The Global Village – which is estimated to cost about $12 million to develop – is aimed at addressing FMCC’s need for more campus housing. The project is also expected to spur economic development and meet the social and cultural needs of the college’s student community.

Officials previously said about 16,700 square feet of retail and restaurant space in the Global Village would be aimed at the college and contemporary crowd with a cafe, boutique-style shops and possibly an art gallery.

The space added for housing could be about 45,295 square feet, adding about 124 beds. Officials previously said about 100 beds would go to the student population, while the remaining beds would be available for the public.

The Global Village would be located on land near the college in the town of Amsterdam.

“The Global Village concept is something that is popping up throughout the United States, especially on the East coast,” said John Cerone, president/CEO of Cerone Development Company. “We are excited to partner with a progressive school, and they are doing a lot of work on their campus, so it’s going to be fun to work with them.”

Swanger and Cerone said they will work together on the planning for the project and logistics to determine exactly how many residential and retail units will be needed in the community.

Cerone said there will be about a 90 day planning period to determine the needs of the college and community before the work begins, but he said both the housing and retail buildings will be constructed together.

Swanger said the college hopes the village will be ready for business in September 2016.

He estimated the construction process would take about 18 months to complete and people can expect to see initial site work around the fall.

Swanger said the Fulmont College Association will operate the student housing, while the developer will take care of the retail and other housing within the project.

There will be a land lease agreement with Cerone, Swanger said, where the college can specify what they are expecting to be done through the project. He said the foundation will make money through the land-lease agreement.

The FM Foundation acquired about 145 acres across Bendicks Corner Road from the college. The plan is to build an entrance to the Global Village off Bendick Corners Road to avoid traffic on Route 67.

The private partner will work on the complex for senior citizens, which would be located closer to Sacandaga Road.