Mayfield seeks bids for repaving

MAYFIELD – Town Highway Superintendent Melvin Dopp announced Thursday roughly 6 miles of town roads require resurfacing.

According to Dopp, Warren Road, Blanchard Road, Vandenburgh Point Road and Jackson Summit Road would need to be resurfaced due to their age.

Dopp said the town works on a 10-year repaving cycle to keep the roads in good condition.

“They have been through their cycle, but Vandenburgh Point Road has been weather damaged,” Dopp said.

The town has set aside $350,000 for the repaving, $50,000 less than 2013, with roughly $10,000 set aside for overages and additional costs.

According to Dopp, four tons of patch, used to fill small potholes and gaps in the road, has been used so far this year due to the weather.

Dopp said he hopes to receive bids for blacktop as soon as possible.

In other news:

Town officials will review a proposed zoning change to allow for a special use permit for mining.

During February’s meeting, Town Code Enforcer Michael Stewart said Bradley Reed, who owns vacant land on Route 30, wants to dig gravel and sand out of the 30-acre property. Since the town does not have any rules for mining, a special use permit would be given out. After samples of special use permits from other towns were given to the town board, officials said they would discuss it at the April board meeting.

Town officials passed a new law to curb excess signage along town roads. In a unanimous vote, town board members passed Local Law No. 1 of 2014, requiring all property adjacent to state highways to follow the New York state rules and regulations enforced by DOT regarding signs, and that all property not by state highways would follow the new law.

Previously, the town did not have a law governing signs.

According to the new law, signs would need to be in good condition or they will be removed by the Code Enforcement Officer. Signs cannot illuminate or shine light directed toward a public street or property. The total area of the sign cannot exceed 100 square feet for all other districts. These regulations are not intended to allow signs on property adjacent to town or county roads in violation of highway law or regulation.

Dopp reminded residents of the town the town’s sand pile was available to town residents for private use. In February, Dopp reported the theft of dirt from the town’s sand pile, which was used by commercial plowing businesses. Dopp said he had received phone calls from residents unsure if they could use the sand pile.