What was Biden doing?

Regarding the issue in Crimea: Where on earth does the vice president get off running his mouth and volunteering my services and my life to defend NATO allies?

As a citizen of the United States, I do not condone the actions of President Barack Obama or Vice President Joe Biden.

The people of Crimea made a democratic choice to annex themselves back to Russia. Russia did not take that land by force; therefore the United States should butt their nose out of their business.

The United States has always preached the people of this world should have the right to choose their leaders. The people of Crimea now have, so the United States should butt out.

As an open letter to President Obama and Vice President Biden, I will not fight against the Russians; and I will not protect the president or vice president if a fight/war breaks out. Gov. Andrew Cuomo made sure of that with the N.Y. SAFE Act.

So who’s going to watch your back? I can speak Russian: can you?