Area bowlers earn Foothills Council honors

Several area bowlers were among those selected for the recently announced Foothills Council all-star team.

Johnstown, Gloversville and Broadalbin-Perth were well represented on the all-star team.

Johnstown, which won the Foothills Council regular-season and tournament titles, had four bowlers named first-team all-stars. Seniors Jimmy Marshall and Alyssa Hadock were honored for Johnstown, while juniors Morgan Ruggeri and Ben Empie, and sophomore Jay Hadcock also were named to the first team. The Sir Bills also won the Section II Class B title this season.

Rounding out the first team were Hudson Falls’ Kobey Boyer and Colin Kelsey, and Queensbury’s Marc Lambert and Matt Schweigardt.

Broadalbin-Perth junior Chris Smith, Gloversville senior Tim Hoose and Gloversville freshman Richard Taylor were named second-team all-stars.

Hudson Falls had Scott Bennett and Zack Weller named to the second team, while Queensbury’s Megan Lambert also was honored.

Rounding out the second team were Scotia-Glenville’s Matt Gonzales, South Glens Falls’ Michael Boyce and Glens Falls’ Dillon Trepasso.

In addition to its first-team selections, Johnstown also had senior Josh Fuller earn honorable-mention status.

Gloversville freshman Nick Ferrara also was named honorable mention.

Glens Falls’ Erin Ryan, Hudson Falls’ Matt Gardner, Glens Falls’ Cody Putney, South Glens Falls’ Nick Fuller, Scotia-Glenville’s Kyle Welnhofer, South Glens Falls’ Kevin Weatherwax, Scotia-Glenville’s Morgan Tremblay and Queensbury’s Drue Whaley also were named honorable mention.

In addition to the all-star team, Foothills Council also handed out sportsmanship awards.

Broadalbin-Perth junior Jordan Holik, Gloversville junior Seth Weeden and Johnstown sophomore Logan Brandt were among those earning sportsmanship awards.

Also earning sportsmanship awards were Queensbury’s Mackenzie Mattison, South Glens Falls’ Justin Gillingham, Scotia-Glenville’s Troy Gapczynski, Hudson Falls’ Brian Barrett, Glens Falls’ Leila Witherbee, Scotia-Glenville’s Mallory Paskiewicz and Hudson Falls’ Lucas Keyser.

2013-14 Foothills Council Bowling All-Stars

First Team

Alyssa Hadcock (Johnstown), Morgan Ruggeri (Johnstown), Kobey Boyer (Hudson Falls), Marc Lambert (Queensbury), Jay Hadcock (Johnstown), Mat Schweigardt (Queensbury), Jimmy Marshall (Johnstown), Ben Empie (Johnstown), Colin Kelsey (Hudson Falls)

Second Team

Megan Lambert (Queensbury), Matt Gonzales (Scotia-Glenville), Michael Boyce (South Glens Falls), Chris Smith (Broadalbin-Perth), Tim Hoose (Gloversville), Richard Taylor (Gloversville), Scott Bennett (Hudson Falls), Zack Weller (Hudson Falls), Dillon Trepasso (Glens Falls)

Honorable Mention

Josh Fuller (Johnstown), Nick Ferrara (Gloversville), Erin Ryan (Glens Falls), Cody Putney (Glens Falls), Matt Gardner (Hudson Falls), Nick Fuller (South Glens Falls), Kyle Welnhofer (Scotia-Glenville), Morgan Tremblay (Scotia-Glenville), Kevin Weatherwax (South Glens Falls), Drue Whaley (Queensbury)


Jordan Holik (Broadalbin-Perth), Mackenzie Mattison (Queensbury), Justin Gillingham (South Glens Falls), Troy Gapczynski (Scotia-Glenville), Seth Weeden (Gloversville), Mallory Paskiewicz (Scotia-Glenville), Leila Witherbee (Glens Falls), Logan Brandt (Johnstown), Lucas Keyser (Hudson Falls), Brian Barrett (Hudson Falls)