Several area swimmers earn Foothills Council all-star honors

Several area swimmers were among those selected for the recently announced Foothills Council boys swimming and diving all-star team.

Fonda-Johnstown junior Tyler Askew was named to the second team in the 500-yard freestyle, while Fonda-Johnstown freshman Trevor Askew was named to the second team in the 100 breaststroke.

Trevor Askew also was named honorable mention in the 200 individual medley for Fo-Jo, while Tyler Askew earned honorable-mention status in the 100 butterfly.

Both Askews also were part of the 200 medley relay team that earned honorable-mention status, along with Cameron Roten and Daeshan Buseck.

Gloversville had its 200 freestyle and 400 freestyle relay teams both named honorable mention. Matt Helou, Hunter Pieniazek, Anthony Oathout and Gage O’Brien were part of both teams for the Sea Dragons.

Queensbury and Glens Falls swept the first-team honors, with Glens Falls claiming seven first-team spots and Queensbury earned five first-team selections.

Garret Frandsen (200 individual medley), David Mauro (50 freestyle), Raislan Aiken (1-meter diving), Tyler Duguay (500 freestyle), Collin Duell (100 breaststroke) and Cooper Knapp (100 butterfly) were named to the first team for Glens Falls. The Indians’ 200 medley relay team also earned first-team honors. Duguay (200 freestyle), Mauro (100 freestyle) and Frandsen (100 backstroke) also were named to the second team. The 200 freestyle and 400 freestyle relay teams also earned second-team honors for Glens Falls. Knapp also earned honorable-mention status in the 100 backstroke for Glens Falls.

Matthew Walton (200 freestyle, 100 freestyle) earned two first-team selections for Queensbury, while Benjamin Rowley (100 backstroke) also was named to the first team. The Spartans’ 200 freestyle and 400 freestyle relay teams also earned first-team honors.

Rowley (100 butterfly), Justin Hafner (200 individual medley), Matt Reeves (50 freestyle) and Colin Coughlan (1-meter diving) earned second-team honors for Queensbury, which also had its 200 medley relay team named to the second team.

Reeves also was named honorable mention in the 100 freestyle for the Spartans.

Also earning honorable-mention status were Glens Falls’ Kellen Wolfe (200 freestyle, 500 freestyle), Jacob Center (50 freestyle), Peter Mauro (100 breaststroke) and Matt Parent (1-meter diving).

2013-14 Foothills Council

Boys Swimming & Diving All-Stars

First Team

200 Medley Relay: Glens Falls (Garret Frandsen, Colin Duell, Cooper Knapp,Jacob Center), 1:40.77

200 Freestyle: Matthew Walton (Queensbury), 1:43.94

200 Individual Medley: Garret Frandsen (Glens Falls), 1:59.45

50 Freestyle: David Mauro (Glens Falls), 22.03

Diving: Raislan Aiken (Glens Falls), 420.75

100 Butterfly: Cooper Knapp (Glens Falls), 52.93

100 Freestyle: Matthew Walton (Queensbury), 46.96

500 Freestyle: Tylor Duguay (Glens Falls), 4:53.28

200 Freestyle Relay: Queensbury (Justin Hafner, Benjamin Rowley, Matt Reeves, Matthew Walton), 1:28.57

100 Backstroke: Benjamin Rowley (Queensbury), 54.21

100 Breaststroke: Colin Duell (Glens Falls), 1:03.59

400 Freestyle Relay: Queensbury (Matt Reeves, Justin Hafner, Benjamin Rowley, Matthew Walton), 3:17.57

Second Team

200 Medley Relay: Queensbury (Thomas Osika, Ben Holser, Jonah Adeson, Ethan Ballard), 1:48.99

200 Freestyle: Tyler Duguay (Glens Falls), 1:48.69

200 Individual Medley: Justin Hafner (Queensbury), 2:05.19

50 Freestyle: Matt Reeves (Queensbury), 22.64

Diving: Colin Coughlan (Queensbury), 408.95

100 Butterfly: Benjamin Rowley (Queensbury), 53.48

100 Freestyle: David Mauro (Glens Falls), 49.58

500 Freestyle: Tyler Askew (Fonda-Johnstown), 4:59.75

200 Freestyle Relay: Glens Falls (Jacob Center, Cooper Knapp, Kellen Wolfe, David Mauro), 1:30.63

100 Backstroke: Garret Frandsen (Glens Falls), 54.87

100 Breaststroke: Trevor Askew (Fonda-Johnstown), 1:05.37

400 Freestyle Relay: Glens Falls (Garret Frandsen, Kellen Wolfe, Tylor Duguay, David Mauro), 3:20.44

Honorable Mention

200 Medley Relay: Fonda-Johnstown (Cameron Roten, Trevor Askew, Tyler Askew, Daeshan Buseck), 1:50.56

200 Freestyle: Kellen Wolfe (Glens Falls), 1:51.91

200 Individual Medley: Trevor Askew (Fonda-Johnstown), 2:08.91

50 Freestyle: Jacob Center (Glens Falls), 23.06

Diving: Matt Parent (Glens Falls), 362.10

100 Butterfly: Tyler Askew (Fonda-Johnstown), 54.56

100 Freestyle: Matt Reeves (Queensbury), 50.17

500 Freestyle: Kellen Wolfe (Glens Falls), 5:07.86

200 Freestyle Relay: Gloversville (Matt Helou, Hunter Pieniazek, Anthony Oathout, Gage O’Brien), 1:39.29

100 Backstroke: Cooper Knapp (Glens Falls), 55.10

100 Breaststroke: Peter Mauro (Glens Falls), 1:05.58

400 Freestyle Relay: Gloversville (Gage O’Brien, Anthony Oathout, Hunter Pieniazek, Matt Helou), 3:41.02