District adopts new logos

BROADALBIN – The Broadalbin-Perth Central School District adopted a new look for its athletic and academic program logos, along with logos for any other official items such as letterheads or merchandise.

During the Board of Education meeting Monday, Superintendent Stephen Tomlinson unveiled a set of new logos that he says district faculty and staff should begin using immediately, discontinuing the use of previous logos. However, he said the new logos will only be appearing once the previous items are no longer available or the equipment becomes worn out.

“Let me be clear: If we have letterhead with one of the old logos, use it until it’s gone. If we have team uniforms with one of the old logos, use them until they’re worn out. While we’re excited about our new logos, we also need to be smart about phasing them in, with an eye toward fiscal responsibility,” Tomlinson said.

The logo set features a blue and red shield outlined in blue with an interlocking B and P in the center and the name of the district above the shield. A stand-alone interlocking B and P will be used as an alternate mark. The athletics and activities logo features a bold “Patriots” below the words “Broadalbin-Perth” within the same shield shape, with a star below the word “Patriots.” Other symbols representing the district’s various sports teams and extracurricular clubs will replace the star in alternate versions.

Most of the logos also feature the district’s established colors of red, white and blue.

“I am so proud of our new logos. I believe they are very well designed and that they effectively represent both the Broadalbin and Perth communities, as well as our school district,” Tomlinson said. “It is my hope that these new logos will help foster and support the already strong sense of school pride and community unity that we have at Broadalbin-Perth.”

The new logos are the culmination of work by a committee of students, parents, faculty, staff and coaches that began in September. In the fall, the committee solicited design ideas from the community and received more than 120 submissions. Over the subsequent months, the committee members worked with a graphic designer to narrow their focus and refine the logos’ looks.

The district previously used a variety of logos to represent B-P, some more than others, but none of them were ever official.

Image files of the new logos and a logo use guide are available on the district website, www.bpcsd.org. Questions about the use of the new logos should be directed to the district communications office by calling 954-2640.