Fonda-Fultonville to kick off 2014 season at Carrier Dome

A goal for every Section II varsity football team is to play at the Carrier Dome at Syracuse University for the New York State Public High School Athletic Association championship.

The Fonda-Fultonville Braves have a different goal – they want to make two trips to the dome.

The Braves will kick off their 2014 season on the road as a Section II Class C representative in the season-opening Kick Off Classic to be held Sept. 5 and 6 in Syracuse.

“We don’t know who we will be playing yet. I am supposed to be traveling there shortly to finalize everything and find out who we will be playing,” Fonda-Fultonville coach Tom Carpenter said. “It will be fun and we can use it as a motivational tool to try to get them back there at the end of the season, too.”

Also making the trip to Syracuse for the Kick Off Classic will be Amsterdam (Class A) and Hoosick Falls (Class C).

The Braves also will face the challenge of a restructured Class C division this year. The classification has switched from two seven-team divisions consisting of Cairo-Durham, Chatham, Coxsackie-Athens, Fonda-Fultonville, Taconic Hills, Voorheesville and Watervliet in the South and Catholic Central, Corinth, Granville, Hoosick Falls, Mechanicville, Stillwater and Tamarac in the North.

The classification is now made up of 17 teams split into three divisions.

Fonda-Fultonville stays in the South with Cairo-Durham, Chatham, Coxsackie-Athens, Taconic Hills and Schoburg (moving up from Class D). The Central division consists of Holy Trinity (merged team of Catholic Central, Saratoga Catholic and Bishop Gibbons), Mechanicville, Stillwater, Tamarac, Voorheesville and Watervliet, while the North consists of Corinth, Granville, Greenwich, Hoosick Falls and Lake George/Hadley Luzerne.

“Top two teams in each division plus two more teams will make playoffs,” Carpenter said. “It should be the next two best records, but there are other factors with tie breakers that also will be used. Three divisions creates that possibility.”

Carpenter said the realignment has ended a longtime rivalry, for this year at least, between the Braves and Watervliet, but has brought a back a team they have not faced in a long time.

“We will face Corinth this year, and that is a team we haven’t played in a while,” he said. “No Watervliet this year which has become a good rivalry for us, will be different.”

Class C is not the only division that was realigned.

Class A has added four teams this year – Lansingburgh, Scotia-Glenville, Green Tech and Niskayuna, which will be playing an independent schedule.

To balance the divisions, Green Tech and Scotia-Glenville were added to the Northwest Division along with Gloversville, Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake, Queensbury and South Glens Falls.

Amsterdam was moved to the Southeast Division and will join Averill Park, Bishop Maginn, Lansingburgh, Mohonasen and Troy.

Gloversville and Amsterdam will keep their rivalry alive as the Huskies and Rams play a Week 4 divisional crossover game at the Lynch Literacy Academy.

The top four teams in each division will reach the sectional playoffs.

Niskayuna dropped down from Class AA due to low numbers and will not be eligible for post-season play.

With Scotia, Lansingburgh and Green Tech moving up to Class A, Class B also has been realigned.

Schalmont moves from the West Division to Reinfurt and joins Albany Academy, Cohoes, Hudson, Ichabod Crane and Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk, leaving Broadalbin-Perth and Johnstown to battle with Hudson Falls, Cobleskill-Richmondville, Glens Falls and Schuylerville in the West.

The Sir Bills also will play Class C Schoburg in a crossover game and Ravena in a divisional crossover.

The 2013 Class B finalist Patriots will host Cohoes, which will be playing all of its games on the road this season, in a divisional crossover and travel to take on the defending Class C champion Hoosick Falls in their non-divisional contests.

The top four teams in each division reach the postseason tournament.

Class D will start the season with eight teams, of which four will make the playoffs that start in Week 9.

Canajoharie, Cambridge, Fort Edward, Hoosic Valley, Rensselaer, Warrensburg, Whitehall and Salem make up the division, however, Salem had trouble consistently fielding a team last season and there are ongoing talks of a possible merger between Arglye and Fort Edward for football.

Class A

Week 1 (Sept. 5 and 6)

Amsterdam at TBA at Kick Off Classic

Troy at Averill Park

South Glens Falls at Bishop Maginn

Lansingburgh at Mohonasen

Scotia at Burnt Hills

Green Tech at Gloversville

Niskayuna at Queensbury

Week 2 (Sept. 12 and 13)

Amsterdam at Mohonasen

Averill Park at Lansingburgh

Bishop Maginn at Niskayuna

Queensbury at Troy

Burnt Hills at Green Tech

Gloversville at Scotia

Albany Academy at South Glens Falls

Week 3 (Sept. 19 and 20)

Averill Park at Amsterdam

Mohonasen at Bishop Maginn

Ravena at Lansingburgh

Troy at Burnt Hills

Niskayuna at Gloversville

Green Tech at Queensbury

Scotia at South Glens Falls

Week 4 (Sept. 26 and 27)

Gloversville at Amsterdam

Bishop Maginn at Averill Park

Troy at Mohonasen

Burnt Hills at Schalmont

South Glens Falls at Green Tech

Niskayuna at Lansingburgh

Week 5 (Oct. 3 and 4)

Note: Some games may be moved to Oct. 2 in observance of Yom Kippur

Lansingburgh at Amsterdam

Averill Park at Mohonasen

Troy at Bishop Maginn

South Glens Falls at Burnt Hills

Gloversville at Queensbury

Scotia at Cobleskill

Green Tech at Niskayuna

Week 6 (Oct. 10 and 11)

Amsterdam at Troy

Averill Park at Niskayuna

Bishop Maginn at Lansingburgh

Burnt Hills at Gloversville

Scotia at Green Tech

Queensbury at South Glens Falls

Hudson Falls at Mohonasen

Week 7 (Oct. 17 and 18)

Bishop Maginn at Amsterdam

Averill Park at Scotia

Lansingburgh at Troy

Niskayuna at Mohonasen

Queensbury at Burnt Hills

South Glens Falls at Gloversville

Green Tech at Watervliet

Class B

Week 1 (Sept. 5 and 6)

Albany Academy at Ravena

Cohoes at Broadalbin-Perth

Ichabod Crane at Hudson

Glens Falls at Schalmont

Cobleskill at Hudson Falls

Johnstown at Schuylerville

Week 2 (Sept. 12 and 13)

Albany Academy at South Glens Falls

Cohoes at Schalmont

Hudson at Cobleskill

Ichabod Crane at Ravena

Hudson Falls at Johnstown

Glens Falls at Broadalbin-Perth

Schuylerville at Corinth

Week 3 (Sept. 19 and 20)

Schalmont at Albany Academy

Cohoes at Hudson

Ichabod Crane at Hudson Falls

Ravena at Lansingburgh

Ichabod Crane at Hudson Falls

Glens Falls at Cobleskill

Broadalbin-Perth at Schuylerville

Schoburg at Johnstown

Week 4 (Sept. 26 and 27)

Albany Academy at Ichabod Crane

Cohoes at Glens Falls

Hudson at Ravena

Burnt Hills at Schalmont

Schuylerville at Hudson Falls

Cobleskill at Johnstown

Broadalbin-Perth at Hoosick Falls

Week 5 (Oct. 3 and 4)

Note: Some games may be moved to Oct. 2 in observance of Yom Kippur

Schuylerville at Albany Academy

Cohoes at Ichabod Crane

Taconic Hills at Hudson

Ravena at Schalmont

Hudson Falls at Glens Falls

Scotia at Cobleskill

Johnstown at Broadalbin-Perth

Week 6 (Oct. 10 and 11)

Cohoes at Albany Academy

Schalmont at Hudson

Ichabod Crane at Voorheesville

Ravena at Johnstown

Hudson Falls at Mohonasen

Broadalbin-Perth at Cobleskill

Schuylerville at Glens Falls

Week 7 (Oct. 17 and 18)

Hudson at Albany Academy

Cohoes at Ravena

Schalmont at Ichabod Crane

Hudson Falls at Broadalbin-Perth

Cobleskill at Schuylerville

Johnstown at Glens Falls

Class C

Week 1 (Sept. 5 and 6)

Corinth at Lake George/Hadley-Luzerne

Greenwich at Granville

Hoosick Falls vs. TBA at Kickoff Classic

Voorheesville at Holy Trinity

Mechanicville at Tamarac

Watervliet at Stillwater

Coxsackie at Chatham

Schoburg at Taconic Hills

Fonda vs. TBA at Kickoff Classic

(Cairo-Durham has a bye)

Week 2 (Sept. 12 and 13)

Schuylerville at Corinth

Granville at Mechanicville

Stillwater at Greenwich

Lake George/Hadley-Luzerne at Hoosick Falls

Tamarac at Holy Trinity

Voorheesville at Watervliet

Cairo-Durham at Fonda

Chatham at Schoburg

Taconic Hills at Coxsackie

Week 3 (Sept. 19 and 20)

Corinth at Granville

Greenwich at Lake George/Hadley-Luzerne

Hoosick Falls at Tamarac

Holy Trinity at Stillwater

Mechanicville at Voorheesville

Watervliet at Chatham

Coxsackie at Cairo-Durham

Fonda at Taconic Hills

Schoburg at Johnstown

Week 4 (Sept. 26 and 27)

Greenwich at Corinth

Granville at Lake George/Hadley-Luzerne

Hoosick Falls at Broadalbin-Perth

Holy Trinity at Coxsackie

Stillwater at Mechanicville

Tamarac at Watervliet

Taconic Hills at Voorheesville

Cairo-Durham at Schoburg

Chatham at Fonda

Week 5 (Oct. 3 and 4)

Note: Some games may be moved to Oct. 2 in observance of Yom Kippur

Corinth at Hoosick Falls

Granville at Stillwater

Coxsackie at Greenwich

Lake George/Hadley-Luzerne at Mechanicville

Watervliet at Holy Trinity

Tamarac at Voorheesville

Cairo-Durham at Chatham

Fonda at Schoburg

Taconic Hills at Hudson

Week 6 (Oct. 10 and 11)

Schoburg at Corinth

Holy Trinity at Granville

Hoosick Falls at Greenwich

Chatham at Lake George/Hadley-Luzerne

Mechanicville at Watervliet

Tamarac at Stillwater

Ichabod Crane at Voorheesville

Taconic Hills at Cairo-Durham

Coxsackie at Fonda

Week 7 (Oct. 17 and 18)

Fonda at Corinth

Granville at Hoosick Falls

Cairo-Durham at Greenwich

Lake George/Hadley-Luzerne at Tamarac

Mechanicville at Holy Trinity

Stillwater at Voorheesville

Green Tech at Watervliet

Greenwich at Cairo-Durham

Chatham at Taconic Hills

Class D

Week 1 (Sept. 5 and 6)

Fort Edward at Rensselaer

Whitehall at Canajoharie

Salem at Cambridge

Warrensburg at Hoosic Valley

Week 2

(Sept. 12 and 13)

Cambridge at Canajoharie

Salem at Whitehall

Rensselaer at Warrensburg

Hoosic Valley at Fort Edward

Week 3

(Sept. 20)

Hoosic Valley at Salem

Rensselaer at Cambridge

Canajoharie at Warrensburg

Fort Edward at Whitehall

Week 4 (Sept. 26 and 27)

Salem at Rensselaer

Hoosic Valley at Canajoharie

Whitehall at Warrensburg

Cambridge at Fort Edward

Week 5 (Oct. 4)

Cambridge at Whitehall

Canajoharie at Fort Edward

Rensselaer at Hoosic Valley

Warrensburg at Salem

Week 6 (Oct. 10 and 11)

Canajoharie at Rensselaer

Whitehall at Hoosic Valley

Salem at Fort Edward

Warrensburg at Cambridge

Week 7 (Oct. 18)

Fort Edward at Warrensburg

Canajoharie at Salem

Hoosic Valley at Cambridge

Rensselaer at Whitehall

Week 8

(Oct. 24 and 25)

Crossover Games with Non-playoff Class C teams