Washington didn’t visit

In response to the letter to the editor published March 9 that was written by Betty L. Younglove: The recently erected historical marker at out colonial jail specifying that General Lafayette rather than General Washington visited Johnstown was paid for jointly by the Fulton County Board of Supervisors and the Johnstown Historical Society. Why? Because both agencies believed correcting the erroneous information was worth doing and had confidence in the correctness of the change.

That the old marker information was incorrect had long been recognized by finer historians than myself, notably James Morrison, Gloversville city historian, who has written or contributed to many important recent history books, and Noel Levee, Johnstown city historian, and the board of the Johnstown Historical Society.

Nor do I have any negative vibes toward George Washington, as is suggested by the letter. We could certainly use him now.

But fact is fact: He just plain didn’t come to Johnstown and Lafayette did. There is probably counseling available for those who can’t accept it.


Fort Johnson