Republicans also have added to deficit

A recent article in The Leader-Herald described the Republicans in Congress as critical of the Obama administration for government spending and increasing the federal deficit. The Republicans neglected to mention the records of both parties in regard to deficit spending. Here is the record according to Forbes magazine:

– Reagan first term – 8.7 percent increase.

– Reagan second term – 4.9 percent.

– Bush Senior – 5.4 percent.

– Clinton first term – 3.2 percent.

– Clinton second term – 3.9 percent.

– Bush Junior first term – 7.3 percent.

– Bush Junior second term – 8.1 percent.

– Obama so far – 1.4 percent.

It is obvious that, from past performance, voting Republicans into Congress or the presidency is a vote for greater increases in the deficit as well as cuts in help for people with lower incomes.

We need to be aware that cuts to programs that help people survive will not prevent deficit spending, but will add to the problems of the poor and elderly.

In our consumer-driven economy, the money spent by the poor and elderly is vital to our economy.

We seem to have plenty of money to give to other countries, but when it comes to our own people, we cut services and funds.

Our priorities are in the wrong places.