Cheers and jeers

CHEERS – To positive energy. Montgomery County Executive Matt Ossenfort and others of his generation need to be listened to, not just heard, but listened to. There is a big difference. His recent State of the County address was one filled with positive optimism based on realism, and it came with suggestions and goals. Unfortunately, one of the first things that was heard was “well, he is young and naive, just wait till he finds out how things really are.” If this was said once, it was one time too many. Matt’s professionalism, energy and visionary optimism must not only be embraced, but it should become a widespread attitude that will move our region forward. If you are a person who believes our region cannot become more prosperous, you should move or mute your voice. The rest can work diligently with a leadership that sees our region as half-full, if not overflowing.

CHEERS – To a balk. The Tuesday headline read “Board balks at demolition plan.” The county board should continue to draw back from the request from Gloversville for the Fulton County demolition team to demolish a city building. The building is not owned by the city. Over the past decade the team has existed, it has helped Gloversville in many demolitions of foreclosed properties. Until the city legally owns this building, demolition is the responsibility of the private owner. Once again, we applaud the hard-working, fast-paced crew of the demolition team, which continues to save taxpayers money.

JEERS – To word banning. If this country is going to get into banning words – and it should not – there may be higher contenders than the word “bossy.” Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg is leading the campaign, with numerous well-known women joining her, to have the word banned. They claim it is another “B” word for a girl. They believe the word holds women back. They say it should be replaced with using the phrase “leadership skills” or “strong leadership.” Come on, ladies, if the word lady is still acceptable, being called bossy does not hold a woman or man back, and it’s absurd to think the word is gender-selective. There are, always have been and always will be bossy boys, girls, women and men. They all have the opportunities America offers to reach leadership roles.