School official’s arrest raises questions

I have been doing some thinking on the matter of drugs in the Gloversville Enlarged School District.

Recently, the assistant superintendent was arrested for allegedly having drugs on his person and in his car – these are facts. He has not been fired from his job, but instead has been placed on paid administrative leave.

To me, this is not a matter to take lightly.

We have a zero-tolerance policy in the Gloversville school system on drugs. I may never learn the real truth, but how many times did this administrator have drugs in his car at the school? Was he using while on the job? Yet, with these questions on my mind, I find it hard to believe his job was not terminated the moment of his arrest.

We have an obligation to our children not to put them in harm’s way, and by not taking immediate action on a matter as severe as this, I am afraid we may be sending the wrong message to our children that it’s OK for the more privileged of us who have a $100,000-a-year job to have and use drugs, but not OK for the poor people they see go to jail because of their social status.

This man needs help, but our children need to be protected from men like him.