Jail upgrade deal approved by board

JOHNSTOWN – The Fulton County Board of Supervisors on Monday approved a $251,000 contract with an Alabama firm for a capital project upgrade of the county jail’s digital video security system.

The board authorized a closed-circuit television upgrade project contract with Black Creek Integrated Systems Inc. of Irondale, Ala. The resolution calls for the firm’s “engineering, programming and technical support” required to complete the upgrade.

Fulton County Sheriff’s Department Capt. David Curtis, jail administrator, said Wednesday work hasn’t begun yet.

“We’re waiting for contracts to be signed,” Curtis said. “Parts have to be ordered. I’m going to guess it will be 30 to 60 days out.”

Black Creek has been the Route 29-Harrison Street correctional facility’s sole security and closed-circuit TV booking provider since it opened in the early 1990s.

Sheriff Thomas Lorey recently told supervisors the county jail’s current DVR system’s technology is outdated. He said the operating system is not compatible with software updates that will be necessary when the aging jail touch-screen computers are replaced. Any major system component failure is essentially unserviceable at this time, he said.

Lorey said the project is a comprehensive upgrade of many of the security and booking system components that require replacement in order to maintain technology compatibility. He said Black Creek will remove the outdated equipment being replaced.

According to the resolution approved Monday, Black Creek will furnish and install several hardware components and accessories. They include: network switches for touch-screen equipment, seven touch-screen computers, switches, four servers, time synchronization equipment, four digital video encoders for 60 existing cameras, a digital video record system for cameras, two digital video review master stations for the offices of the jail superintendent and lieutenant, one Black Creek Nucleus computer, a rack mount and associated equipment, one sally port server computer and all necessary touch-screen and server programming changes needed to integrate the jail’s digital closed-circuit TV video systems.