Officials on board with busing plan

GLOVERSVILLE – The Gloversville Enlarged School?District Board of Education on Tuesday informally gave Superintendent Michael Vanyo permission to draft a resolution to establish a busing program for middle and high school students, intended to improve the graduation rate and fight truancy.

Vanyo said Park Terrace, Boulevard and Kingsborough elementary schools have been selected as transportation hubs for students seeking rides to the middle and high school starting in April.

“Our high school and middle school students would have an opportunity to take a bus to school to get here on time,” Vanyo said. “One of our big issues is getting students here and getting them here on time.”

He said the three elementary schools were selected because they are the furthest away from the middle and high school and can serve as regional bus stops for the students living in those areas looking for a ride to school.

He said the exact time of pickup and how many buses will be needed still has to be determined. If three buses are used for all pickups, he said, that would cost about $3,400 for the remainder of the year.

Vanyo said those funds would be included within the already established busing budget for this year.

Officials said the parents of students would need to sign their children up for their specific region within the district and each driver would have a roster of the expected students that will be using the service.

He said the busing program would be on a first-come, first-served basis and those who don’t make the sign up in time could be an alternate for students who sign up before them but can’t make the bus that day.

“In order to ride, they will need to be signed up ahead of time] that way we know how many buses we need,” Vanyo said.

Vanyo said the forms will be available on the district website as well as at the middle and high school.

The board is expected to pass a formal resolution creating the program at the next meeting.

Board members Jean LaPorta and Mike Hauser said they believe this program will have significant support from the community.