Coyotes, lack of deer killed beaver pond

Hi. I’m a pair of beavers that came up a river to a side creek to start a family. First, we built a dam, then a small house. All kinds of animals and birds came to join us and start a family: trout, coon, ducks, mink, muskrats, frogs, mosquitos, etc. The bear and deer brought their little ones down from the mountain to get a drink and look for frogs.

We could handle trappers fairly well if they were careful where they set their traps and only trapped a few of us. Then our homes could stay for many years and we supported all this other wildlife. We strengthened our dams, added to our family and expanded wildlife for many years.

Then, in my opinion, the state Department of Environmental Conservation had too many deer killed, especially in the 1960s. The deer herd has never recovered to what it used to be. Coyotes and fisher, etc., that live on winter-kill deer – deer that die from natural causes, such as old age – are forced to find other ways to eat. They have come into towns to eat cats and deer that people are feeding in town.

A starving coyote came to our pond and laid in the bush all day waiting for our little ones to come ashore for food, but big beavers can fight them off and make it back to the water.

To make a long story short: Our pond and wildlife was destroyed mostly from too many coyotes and lack of monitoring deer.

I wish the DEC and state rangers would conduct a better wildlife count in West Canada and check on places that have fewer beaver and deer.

Maybe fish and game clubs could pass this around and see what they think.