Washington might have erred two times

It seems former Fulton County Historian Peter Betz is still after George Washington with his demeaning Feb. 24 article in The Leader-Herald titled, “George Washington’s expenses and how we paid them.” This time, he has added Sarah Palin, with his crack at her “you betcha” comment, to add to his bias.

Mr. Betz isn’t satisfied he demoted George Washington from his place in Johnstown’s history by talking the Fulton County supervisors into funding a new sign to replace the old historical sign at the colonial jail in Johnstown that stated Washington had visited Johnstown. Mr. Betz based his claim on having the sign replaced because Washington and his traveling companion had not entered a financial expense for a visit to Johnstown when he traveled the Mohawk Valley. Mr. Betz refers to those in Congress at the time, who were in charge of reimbursing Washington’s expenses, as “those sharp-eyed colonial bean counters.”

When Congress was reimbursing Washington for his expenses, they found he made a mathematical error and paid him an additional 90 cents. If one can make one mathematical error, it is possible they have made another, so one might conclude Washington neglected to enter his expense for his visit to Johnstown.

It is amazing how innocents can swallow academia’s interpretation of history hundreds of years after the historical period, which usually results in the rewriting of history to embrace the writer’s bias.

Will history be rewritten in later years by academia to camouflage how the current president of the United States has bypassed the U.S. Constitution in so many ways it numbs the brain?