Permit for rooming house sought

GLOVERSVILLE – A property owner is seeking a special permit for a rooming house – even though it already exists.

Marae Tesi of Ocean State Realty Corp. discussed her proposal during the city Planning Board meeting Tuesday.

Tesi owns property at 61-63 W. Fulton St., and there is an existing three-story apartment building on the site. Tesi is seeking a special permit for a rooming house, although it’s already being used in that capacity.

The rooming house would be in two of the four-bedroom apartments located within the building, which would be used for eight single-room rentals with shared kitchens and baths, according to meeting documents.

“I’m not making any changes because it’s already set up like that,” Tesi told the board. “It makes sense for Gloversville because a lot of people here unfortunately are coming from Social Services and they don’t have a lot of money, so this fits into a category that they can afford to rent.”

Vice Chairman Geoffrey Peck questioned why she was seeking the special permit when she already has the spaces rented and is using them in the role being requested.

“I don’t know that there needs to be another boarding house in downtown Gloversville,” Peck said.

Tesi said she had a fire inspection and was notified she should have a special permit, but wasn’t cited with any code violation for the offense.

“Right now they are being rented as a rooming house and I was told I had to bring it before the board,” Tesi said. “I’m trying to do it the proper way before the board. I didn’t know I was doing anything wrong.”

The board asked for clearer dimensions of the available parking spaces and the parking area itself to be changed to some kind of parking surface other than grass.

The Planning Board scheduled a public hearing on the proposal for the next board meeting in April.


The Planning Board held a public hearing on the application by Two Great Guys Realty Corp. to renovate space at 35 1/2 S. Main St. for two residential apartments before ultimately approving the plans.

The two new apartments would be 1,108 square feet and 968 square feet in size, and would include the construction of two concrete patios for the residences and several decorative plantings.

The corporation was seeking a special permit from the board to do the work.

The engineer working on the project, Darrin M. Romeyn, said the owners are looking to begin the renovations as soon as possible.