New policy made without workers’ input

To all of the taxpayers in the town of Johnstown: I have been employed by the town of Johnstown Highway Department since 1986. Highway employees have always been paid overtime for any hours outside of their regularly scheduled work day, which is 6 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. in the winter months. We have also been paid for time worked on holidays in addition to our regular pay. In 2008, I became highway superintendent and have followed this “policy” of overtime pay. In 2012, the workplace policy that has been mentioned recently was supposedly adopted. This “adopted” policy was never formally given to me or any highway employee.

In response to the article in The Leader-Herald on Feb. 26, I would like to state that I followed procedure as it was made known to me and none of my employees were paid for time that was not worked. Now, a new policy has been made regarding the pay of overtime to my employees. This policy was made at a meeting that neither I nor my employees were able to attend because of a snow storm and the need for us to be on the road. Therefore, I was not given the opportunity to have any say in the matter nor were any of the employees.

I would like to thank my 10 full-time highway employees for keeping the roads safe for everyone.


Highway superintendent, town of Johnstown