Area can make mark with Brand USA

For those who still cannot fully comprehend how a strong tourism industry will definitely enhance their entire county’s fiscal structure and why the success of Saratoga becoming a popular global tourist center is so important, a recently published newspaper article, “Campaign draws $3.4 billion in tourism,” contains some interesting facts and figures that deserve to be thoroughly read over and over again.

Brand USA, the nation’s first coordinated campaign to promote our United States to international travelers, generated $3.4 billion in additional spending.

A total of 1.1 million visitors, 2.3 percent more than expected, spent $3.4 billion in the last fiscal year.

Christopher Thompson, president and chief executive of Brand USA, noted, “Now we have a good foundation to build on, so the campaign is expected to expand to more countries.”

How much more transparency and public awareness than this is needed to clearly illustrate how beneficial it will be to have a recognized Saratoga global tourism attraction situated in our own backyard?

Now that the door to opportunities has been opened wide, so to speak, municipal leaders, Chamber of Commerce and economic development officials, along with all progressive-minded residents, taxpayers and voters, should jointly find out exactly what has to be done to become additional participants in these Brand USA campaign initiatives.

Sitting on the sidelines totally ignoring existing realities never has and never will accomplish anything.