County reviewing shovel-ready sites

JOHNSTOWN – The Fulton County Planning Department since January has been paring down its original list of 31 potential large tracts of land – designed to become shovel-ready development sites – to three final sites.

Meanwhile, department Director James Mraz told county supervisors other parcels near the Gloversville Walmart and new Burger King – in the vicinity of South Kingsboro Avenue Extension and Route 30A – continue to be eyed for potential development.

A second lot near the Burger King is being “actively” marketed, along with a piece of land near the Traver’s Diver, he said.

In an update to the Board of Supervisors’ Economic Development and Environment Committee last week at the County Office Building, Mraz noted the planning department in January presented 31 tracts of land identified throughout Fulton County that have “some potential” to be developed into formal shovel-ready sites. Those exact site locations weren’t made public by Mraz.

The original list included a lone city of Gloversville tract of 95.3 acres of land. About half of the sites identified in the county are in the town of Johnstown, encompassing roughly 3,214 acres at 229 acres per tract.

Mraz said a matrix has been prepared that assigns numerical scores for a variety of criteria for each of the 31 tracts of land. Tracts with the highest score were those the matrix determined have the most potential to be developed into a shovel-ready site.

He said his department since January picked 11 sites that it wants to look at more closely. He said he is hoping to come back to the committee with a more detailed analysis and in-depth evaluation of top-ranked tracts.

Mraz said he can’t reveal individual sites quite yet.

“We’re putting a lot of work into this,” he said. “It’s moving along.”

Mraz said some of the planning work needed to convert a tract of land into a shovel-ready site include various reports, maps, plans studies and assessments.

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