Program prepares students for college transition

Transitioning from high school to college life can be a challenge for today’s young adults. More and more, high school juniors and seniors are taking advanced placement and college credit courses as part of their high school curriculum.

However, taking these courses at the high school doesn’t necessarily prepare students for the experience of being on a college campus. An Early Admission Program, however, actually brings seniors to a college campus, better preparing them for life after high school graduation. At a fraction of what the average four-year university costs, Early Admission students at FM can have the experience of being a college student on our campus, developing maturity, and exploring their interests through a variety of course options.

Gloversville High School graduate and Early Admission student Hayley Ferrara can relate. “The Early Admission Program at FM helped me to discover which type of interests I wanted to explore more in the future. When I first started the program, I was really interested in psychology and sociology. Then I took some art classes, including Drawing and 2-D design, and I also took a stagecraft class, which I really enjoyed. What I discovered at FM was that theater was a new passion of mine. I auditioned for the musical ‘Vinegar Tom’ last semester and was chosen for one of the main roles, playing ‘Betty.’ I’d never been involved in theater or drama club in high school, and it was taking the stagecraft class that first sparked my new interest. I’m graduating from FM in December and I’m now looking into different theater programs at four-year universities to transfer to next spring,” Ferrara said.

Qualified students in the Early Admission Program have the option of full-time or part-time study, taking courses that are required for high school graduation, or solely for career exploration, or both. Our admissions counselor and academic adviser to the Early Admission Program works collaboratively with the high school guidance office to ensure that students are enrolled in all the courses needed to fulfill high school requirements.

To qualify for the Early Admission Program at FM, seniors must be ranked in the top half of their class and recommended for the program by their high school guidance counselor. Seniors who are not ranked in the top half of their class may apply for the Early Admission Exploratory Program at FM, taking college- level courses which are outside of their high school graduation requirements.

For more information on the Early Admission Program, current high school juniors can visit their guidance counselor for an application, or contact Mimi Eglin, admissions and enrollment management assistant at FM, at 736-3622, Ext. 8304. FM will be hosting an Early Admission Information Night on March 18 at 6:30 p.m. To register, contact admissions at 736-3622, Ext. 8301, or visit

Christie Crawford is early admission liaison and academic adviser.