Hope evident at fundraiser for relative

Recently, our children held a fundraiser for MaryJo Pedrick to help with expenses that incur when you are fighting a diagnosis of cancer.

It is a hard thing to hear and a difficult disease to battle. Among other things, you need support and you need hope. And, wow, hope was so visible the days leading up to the fundraiser and that day.

We would like to thank the staff at High Rollers Skating Rink in Amsterdam. A skating fundraiser, who would have thought. They were all there without hesitation to help with whatever we needed and to support and share in the day. Shelly and her team do an awesome job.

We would also like to thank all of you who sent messages, made donations, helped with publicity, sold tickets, brought raffle baskets, helped as things came up, and came out and skated and/or shared the day.

It was a great day, and Maryjo and Rick are so very appreciative. Thank you for being part of it.



and the family of Maryjo Pedrick