Johnstown Town Board approves overtime change

JOHNSTOWN – Town officials passed a new policy Monday during the Town Board meeting to only allow overtime pay after 40 hours have been worked in a week.

According to Supervisor Nancy MacVean, the New York State Comptroller’s Office sent auditors to review the town’s budgeting and accounting over a three-month period. MacVean said the auditors came to the town in October and worked for three months.

One of the auditors’ concerns was about the use of overtime in the town Highway Department.

According to MacVean, the audit discovered members of the Highway Department would use sick time or vacation time in the same weeks they would receive overtime pay.

MacVean said that caused concern among the auditors, who were worried about the costs related to overtime. While the audit has not been released yet, MacVean said this morning she believed the amount of overtime pay was several thousands of dollars.

However, Town Board member Daryl Baldwin said this morning his math said only $750 to $870 was used in overtime over a two-week period, rather than thousands of dollars.

The Town Board brought up a resolution to alter the town’s policy to only allow overtime pay after 40 hours have been worked in a week.

Jim Westover, a member of the Town Board, said if an employee worked 32 hours in a week, and then took a sick day or vacation day for eight hours, he would need to work an additional eight hours before he would be eligible for overtime pay.

During the discussion, Baldwin expressed concern over the shift in policy. He said it was an unneeded change. Baldwin also said he felt the highway employees may become irate with the change to the policy.

The measure passed by a 4-1 vote, with Baldwin voting against it.