District considers part of budget

GLOVERSVILLE – Gloversville Enlarged School District Assistant Superintendent Steven Schloicka said Tuesday the non-instructional budget may increase by up to $2.7 million in the 2014-15 district budget.

According to Schloicka, the proposed non-instructional budget – which makes up half the total budget for a school year – could increase from $30.9 million in 2013-14 to $33.7 million.

“The number does look large,” Schloicka said. “I will preface this right now with this: don’t be scared. Because almost 50 percent of that is an increase into our debt service payment, a planned debt service payment, which comes from [and is aided] by our reserve fund.”

Schloicka also stressed that this budget was just proposed, and is not the final budget.

The non-instructional budget includes funds for the Board of Education, central administration, finance, staff, central services, special items, transportation and “undistributed,” such as health insurance and worker’s compensation, Schloicka said.

According to Schloicka, the undistributed section is the largest by far, taking up 74.05 percent of the non-instructional budget.

There would be a jump of $1.8 million in the undistributed category – rising from $23.1 million to $24.9 million. According to Schloicka’s budget presentation, much of that increase came from debt services, which increased by roughly $1.3 million. In 2013-14, the debt services were $9.4 million, while 2014-15 predicts roughly $10.7 million. Central services would see a $710,435 increase, from 2013-14’s $4.9 million to $4.6 million for 2014-15.

Schloicka said the next meeting, scheduled for March 11, the instructional budget will be revealed.