Cheers and jeers

CHEERS – To reducing polling locations. The Gloversville Enlarged School District is considering reducing the number of district polling places utilized during budget votes and school board elections. There are currently six polling locations and it is being suggested this be scaled back to two. With less than 750 votes cast in the May 2013 budget vote, it is quite clear the apathy in voter turnout can be handled in two area locations within the district. The best thing that could happen is that turnouts for school elections skyrocket in the years to come and the need would arise to go back to numerous polling places! For now, the district should go with two polling places.

CHEERS – To getting on the dance card. We are not sure how the dance will end, but officials in Montgomery County are taking the right steps to make sure the county is on the dance floor for the chance to be tapped for one of four upstate sites for the development of a commercial casino. Both the county Legislators and the city of Amsterdam Council have passed resolutions recognizing the potential economic and fiscal benefits a casino could bring to the region. We encourage town of Florida officials to follow the lead and make it a supportive consensus showing strong interest.

CHEERS – To a success. Our community college continues to offer more programs and success stories than the average citizen can possibly imagine. The most recent involves Smart Scholars, a program that gives selected students the opportunity to attend FM beginning in their high school freshman year. The students must be the first generation in their families to attend college. It appears the recent participates are about to make history in their families. Each student in the program plans on continuing their college education and will be transferring to their new institution of higher education with as many as 36 college credits. This program has changed the lives of 10 students who entered their high school years with little or no direction, perhaps never imagining that they would some day be accepted into college. Each of these Amsterdam students should be very proud of themselves.

CHEERS – To a change in landscape. For some time now, the landscape on the corner of East Fulton Street and Elmwood Avenue in the town of Johnstown has displayed the remains of a former gas station. Now, with plans to construct a 1,890-square-foot convenience store and gas station, it will change. Yes, in a small way it reverts back to a resemblance of what was there; but the alternative would be the property sitting there and becoming a visual second cousin to the former Loblaws store nearby, which has been abandoned for decades. We welcome a positive addition to the neighborhood.