Amish girl trampled by horse recovering

PALATINE- A 1-year-old Amish girl was trampled by a horse Sunday and is currently recovering at Albany Medical Center from several abdominal injuries.

According to state police Public Information Officer Mark Ciepel, around 6 p.m. Sunday an Amish family, which was not identified by Ciepel, was milking cows in a barn in Palatine.

Ciepel said the 1-year-old was in a cart near the family when horses entering the barn knocked the cart to the side, knocking the child out of the cart. A horse then stepped on the child, breaking the girl’s ribs and lacerating her liver, according to Ciepel.

Ciepel said police and ambulance services were called in by a neighbor. The girl was taken to St. Mary’s Healthcare and then to Albany Medical Center. The girl is listed in stable condition.

According to Ciepel, the investigation is still ongoing.