Horse steps on 1-year-old: police

PALATINE- A 1-year-old Amish girl was trampled by a horse Sunday and is currently recovering in Albany Medical Center from several abdominal injuries, state police said this morning.

According to state police Public Information Officer Mark Ciepel, an Amish family, who was not identified by Ciepel, were milking cows in a barn in town around 6 p.m. Sunday.

Ciepel said the 1-year-old was in a cart near the family when horses entering the barn knocked the cart to the side, knocking the child out of the cart. Another horse then stepped on the child, breaking the girl’s ribs and lacerating her liver, he said

Ciepel said police and ambulance services were called in by a neighbor.

The girl was taken to St. Mary’s Healthcare and then to Albany Medical Center. The girl is listed in stable condition, Ciepel said.

According to Ciepel, the investigation is still ongoing.