Perth receives more than $20K for road repairs

PERTH – Officials announced the town received more than $20,000 to pay for repairs to town roads devastated during Hurricane Irene flooding in 2011.

During Thursday’s monthly board meeting, Town Supervisor Greg Fagan announced that the town received two checks – one for more than $2,800 and another for more than $18,700 – from the New York State Office of Emergency Management.

According to David Dopp, Perth highway supervisor, the flooding destroyed the banks of the road and knocked trees into the street.

“It was mostly just from the roads being destroyed,” Dopp said.

Dopp said at first, the town was not expecting to receive any money. However, during the summer, the OEM said they would offer to pay for the cost of the repair.

Roughly 15 miles of road was damaged in some way, Dopp said.

“Most of the hill roads were [damaged],” Dopp said. “It was all just kind of shoulder material we had to put down and resurface.

Dopp said he had to produce paperwork showing how many hours had been clocked for the project, how much material was needed and the machinery used.

“They were very very nice; OEM worked with us,” Dopp said.

Fagan was surprised by the amount of money received.

“I didn’t think we had that much damage back then,” Fagan said.

The funds, according to Dopp, will be going back into the town’s highway department budget.

In other news:

  • The Knights of Columbus Council 7629 will be given the usage of the town’s senior center for bingo. According to Grand Knight Bruno Massacesi, the organization previously ran bingo out of the Saint Joseph Church in Broadalbin, but was unable to continue playing bingo there due to an impasse with the church. With bingo cancelled, many former participants asked Massacesi when it would return.

“We saw that you had this beautiful facility here,” Massacesi said.

The board said there were willing to rent out the use of the building on Tuesday nights, for $125 per event. Massacesi said, on average, they attract roughly 120 guest who pay to play bingo.

“I don’t see a problem with it,” Fagan said.

Massacesi said the bingo would be between 7 p.m. and 9 p.m.. Once a contract is written and signed, Fagan said, the Knights could use the building as early as the third week of February.

  • Lisa Wallace was appointed to the Recreational Supervisor seasonal position Thursday night, formerly called the Youth Commission Director. According to Fagan, Wallace will make $7,100 a year.