Commercial waste rises at landfill

JOHNSTOWN – The amount of commercial waste brought to the Fulton County landfill increased by more than 13 percent in 2013, which reverses a trend, a county official said last week.

County Solid Waste Director Jeff Bouchard gave a presentation on his department’s 2013 annual report to the Board of Supervisors’ Economic Development and Environment Committee. The committee accepted the report, which was forwarded to the full board.

“For the first time in quite awhile, the commercial waste has started to go up,” Bouchard said.

The amount of commercial waste received at the landfill on Mud Road in the town of Johnstown in 2013 was 19,234 tons, compared to 16,972 tons for 2012. Bouchard said that equated to a 13.3 percent jump.

Overall, a total of 96,804 tons of refuse was brought to the landfill on Mud Road in the town of Johnstown in 2013. The report said it was delivered by 13,456 separate truckloads, which averaged 7.2 tons per load. The Department of Solid Waste averaged 375 tons per day in 2013. The report said the 96,804 tons received was “below average” for a year. The landfill has taken in over 2.1 million tons of garbage since 1989.

A total of 13.5 million gallons of leachate were pumped to the Gloversville-Johnstown Wastewater Treatment Facility in 2013 – an increase of over two million gallons from 2012. The report said the increase can be attributed to the startup of a new 4.5-acre cell in 2013, as well as higher than average rainfall.

The report said government surplus purchases in the Department of Solid Waste last year involved three items, which were valued at $102,482 and purchased for $11,850.

The county demolition team razed five structures in 2013. The team has demolished 85 structures since 2000.

A full year of electronics recycling at all transfer stations increased the total by almost 50 tons. The department also received $125,000 in state Department of Environmental Conservation grant money in 2013.