Diner serves plans to board

GLOVERSVILLE – Traver’s Diner was granted permission by the city Planning Board to replace its sign.

On July 5, 2011, Georgios Kakavelos, of Traver’s Dinner, submitted a site plan application for the barbecue pit expansion at the diner. The plan called for the installation of a covered barbecue pit on the north side of the building, and it was to be constructed with non-permanent cement blocks.

At that time, the Planning Board recognized the impending construction of the Walmart Supercenter and the significant road work that was set to take place along South Kingsboro Avenue Extension, so Kakavelos was granted conditional approval for a temporary pit.

However, there was a stipulation that permanent plans for the business’ expansion be presented to the Planning Board in the future.

Kakavelos approached the board Tuesday, seeking a site plan amendment for new signage he intends to install on the property. The board approved the amendment.

Kakavelos plans to take down the existing illuminated sign – which is 164 square feet in size?- and replace it with an illuminated sign 100 square feet in size, and raise the pole the sign is on by 10 feet. The leftover 64 square feet will be used to replace a banner with a permanent sign.

Senior Planner Sean Geraghty advised Kakavelos to consider contacting the state Department of Transportation about any sign restrictions they may have along their roadways, in case they want any modifications before he has the sign replaced.

“Make sure they know where you’re putting it because you don’t want to put it up and then DOT guys come in and say you have to take it down,” Geraghty said.

Kakavelos also presented the board with a letter indicating that based on future plans for development on the north end of his property, the pavilion will be removed so that eventually a new building can take its place as part of a larger project in the future.

The board unanimously set May 30 as the date to have the pavilion removed.

Kakavelos said he plans to come before the board in about two months with the permanent expansion plans.

New apartments

The Planning Board also scheduled a public hearing for the next meeting in March on the application by Two Great Guys Realty Corp. to renovate space at 35 1/2 S. Main St. for two residential apartments.

The two new apartments would be 1,108 square feet and 968 square feet in size, and would include the construction of two concrete patios for the residences and several decorative plantings.

The property owner previously received a conditional site plan approval from the board for Live Saved Ministries to create a place of assembly for its church, but that project is no longer being pursued.

The corporation is seeking a special permit from the board to do the work. The board asked for a number of modifications to the site plans before the next meeting including: the boundaries of the property including the property owners on all four sides, access points into the property and the height of existing retaining walls and the fences that would be placed near the patio area.

The engineer working on the project, Darrin M. Romeyn, said the owners are looking to begin the renovations as soon as possible.