Town, village to share treasurer

NORTHVILLE-Both Northville and Northampton will now be sharing a treasurer, according to the village’s mayor and the town supervisor.

According to James Groff, Northampton town supervisor, the town and village will both be sharing the services of Nathaniel Matthews.

Matthews, who previously served as the village treasurer, will be handling the books for both the village and the town, Groff said. The change took place during the Town Board meeting on Jan. 15. Prior to this, Matthews did the budget for Northville, while former Northampton Supervisor Linda Kemper handled the budget for the town.

Groff said the measure was primarily to save money. Groff said each municipality will save around $25,000 a piece by sharing a treasurer.

Groff said he had been theorizing other work the two municipalities could share.

Among his ideas was to combine the town and village Highway superintendent under one person. Currently, the positions are held by Daryll Roosa in the village and Christopher Richardson in the town. Groff said that no decision had been made yet.

Groff also said he would discuss with the board building a new shared storage facility for both the town and village crews in the future.

During the lead-up to the November election, Groff said his goal was to try and work as much as possible on consolidating services between the village and the town, hoping to save costs, such as eliminating redundant equipment with consolidation.

“We are just going to continue to look at anything that could save taxpayers’ money,” Groff said.

Northville Mayor Debra Ellsworth said these discussions were not set in stone.

“These are very preliminary discussions right now,” Ellsworth said.

Neither the Northampton or Northville Clerk’s office had access to the salary for Matthews. Matthews was unavailable for comment.