Getman Home reports on activities

GLOVERSVILLE – The Getman Home had its annual Christmas party Dec. 12, 2013, with several members of the board of managers and board of directors in attendance.

Don Ambrosino, dressed as Santa Claus, passed out presents which were put in Santa stockings from the board of managers. Ambrosino led in singing Christmas carols and was accompanied by Jeff Erwin on the piano. Envelopes containing money from the board of directors also were distributed to the residents by Santa.

Resident Laura Ryan’s sister, June Banning, and niece, Sara Spanos, gave a bag of presents for each resident which was distributed on Christmas morning.

The board of managers wore reindeer antlers and marched in front of the residents to the tune of “Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer.” Afterward, a Christmas dinner was served.

In November, the residents went to Jackie’s for their monthly with transportation provided by some of the board members.

In November, Donna Cerasuolo, the hat lady, modeled vintage hats she designed and created. The residents wore hats as they listened to the Galaxy Band.

Also, the senior choir, Jeff Erwin, played the piano, and Jeff Gonzalez performed.

The weekly church services during November were performed by various clergy.

During November, the residents had their monthly wine and cheese party, exercise through the decades, century brain teaser, music with Peter the Entertainer, happy hour, and music, bingo, played cards, pajama movie night on the big screen, toss and movement game, talk ball, short stories, I hear music reminiscing game, reasons to give thanks activity. They also watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade on the big screen and had a Veterans Day party and had a Thanksgiving family dinner. Resident William Quatrone said grace.

Vacancies and limited respite care are available for both women and men. For more information or tour of the home, call Director Lauren Basio at 725-9114.