‘Fair and balanced’ channel too much

Since we do not watch a lot of TV anymore, we downgraded our cable service from “standard” to “basic” a few months ago. We used to be well informed with all major topics of the day, both domestic and international, as we watched CNN, MSNBC and FOX; we formed our own “fair and balanced” conclusions. We never could understand why FOX had more audiences than CNN and MSNBC until just recently. With “basic” cable, we are not able to receive CNN and MSNBC.

However, FOX has a contract with Time Warner, so we get FOX. I am sure FOX has similar contracts with other cable markets throughout the country as well.

Because we are being bombarded by FOX daily, our once fair and balanced views are being jeopardized. If this barrage continues at the current rate, we might even decide to vote for Sean Hannity for president and Glenn Beck for vice president in the 2016 election. Please do not suggest PBS as an alternative. PBS news is comparable to an old show called “Dialing for Dollars” that was dry as dry can possibly be.

Our best choice may be to cancel cable TV service for good. Thank you, FOX; thank you, Time Warner; farewell.