B-P student, board discuss availability of restrooms

BROADALBIN – The biggest concern for Broadalbin-Perth’s High?School students: the shortage of restrooms.

At least, that’s what the student representative on the Broadalbin-Perth?Central?School?District’s Board of Education said Monday.

Following senior Ryan Charland’s usual update on campus activities and events, he discussed the concerns of his peers attending the high school.

“This is the part where I air the students’ grievances,” Charland said with a smile. “The major issue has been the lack of public restrooms in the school.”

Charland said only one bathroom for boys and two girls’ bathrooms are regularly open and available for use.

Charland said his solution would be opening up one more set of restrooms for both genders. He said the additional restrooms would benefit teachers because students often have to walk across campus to the available restrooms, which takes time away from the classroom.

Director of Facilities Mike Carney said there are 14 restrooms at the high school and six of them are open to the students, including those in the locker rooms.

According to Carney, the district has limited the number of available bathrooms because of misbehavior by some students. Carney said students will flush items, such as soda cans, to flood the school bathrooms. He said students have even ripped sinks off the walls.

“Honestly, it’s really a supervision issue more than anything,” Carney said Wednesday. “We have the bathrooms open that we do because they are easy for our staff to monitor. We also feel that we don’t need to have every bathroom at the school open at all times either.”

At the meeting, Carney said he is willing to compromise and make more restrooms available – if the students will cooperate.

“I know we are walking a thin line,” Charland responded.

Superintendent Stephen Tomlinson said another meeting can be held with other student representatives, Charland, Carney and High School Principal Robin Blowers to come up with a solution for both sides.